Windows Developer Roundup for 03.04.2011

This week, a couple new samlpes were unleashed into the wild and some updates to some sample documentation also have been released.  We have been making some headway on improvements to the developer center in an effort to make it easier to find the resources that developers want,  need, or are looking for.

Releases this week

The Windows Touch Photostrip sample was published to code gallery with documentation updates.  Yochay also updated the sample which demonstrates how to create an end-to-end task scheduler.  The blog post and sample are definitely worth checking out if you are interested in developing multitouch or the Windows Taskbar or are looking to enhance your application with Windows 7 features.

Site Improvements

The most important piece of the site improvements is creating consistency across the pages. The most important part of this redesign is going to be the following table shows the high level design for all pages containing learning materials specific to a Windows feature, fundamental, or scenario.

Resource Page:

Resource page with video:

The key to the reorganization of content is ensuring that content appears in the same section of resource pages across the developer center.  This will simplify finding the content you are looking for when browsing the site.

Other fun Stuff

The MVP summit was last week in Redmond and so our campus had tons of enthusiasts from around the world visiting and seeing our latest and greatest products. The site, mvptweets tracks our MVPs and you can read about anything chatted about last week without disclosing anything.  This site is also a great way to find our MVP award winners.  In case you're new to what MVPs are, the following video sums it up better than words =)

Hopefully they all had a great time visiting!

The Born to Learn blog has a catalog of visual learning materials and it's cool to see learning materials that make learning about technical topics fun.  On our Windows developer content team, there are lots of individuals who are passionate about visual learning and hopefully we'll be able to release materials of a similar caliber to the comics creatd for learning about the cloud.

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