A Chat with WPF experts and other news...

Our wonderful platform evangelist, Tim Sneath, has organized an event to talk to the WPF experts. I will unfortunately not be able to attend as I am celebrating my birthday with my family. =) 

Tim sends out the formal invitation:

Following on from a couple of requests, I'm delighted to announce that we'll be hosting our first ever live online technical chat with the WPF team on the MSDN site next Thursday, December 21st, at 12:30pm Pacific Time (that's 3:30pm ET, 8:30pm GMT, 9:30pm CET). We'll have a collection of the WPF team on hand to answer your technical questions, hear your feedback on what we should be doing in our next release, share great tips and tricks for using WPF, and just generally connecting with one another.

If you're interested, you can click on this ICS file to add the appointment to your calendar. And please feel free to RSVP in the comments section below so that we know to roll out the red carpet for you!

Hope to see you there!

...In other news, I have moved from the WPF team to the WPF/e team to learn more about cross-OS and web development. I will no longer be working on our MIL team.

Happy Holidays!