Macintosh & Silverlight perf...

I met recently with two designers trying to figure out "what was Silverlight doing under the covers? did I accidentally turn on some feature?" 

My first thought is to reference my post on how to minimize CPU usage. We have to learn how to conserve not only energy but CPU cycles (yes, even if you don't see a difference on your dev box)

My second thought, as I stared at the designers' laptop: have you checked out Apple's Shark tool made for the Mac? Pretty quick and easy to learn -- you can navigate through the entire callstack of Silverlight.

For the Silverlight mac developers out there, check out Shark:

My general usage:

  1. Launch my silverlight application in a browser
  2. Direct Shark towards the browser's process
  3. Click on Start (it should have a 30sec timeout by default)

When you see the callstack, anything with agcore is from Silverlight. 

Why is it named agcore? From Wikipedia: "Ag from the Latin Argentum is the chemical symbol for silver "

Enjoy, tell me about your experiences. Any successes? Any questions about what is showing up in the trace?