Published the Source code for Silverlight 2 Runtime & SDK Controls

Hi all,

We’ve just published the sample source code for the Silverlight 2 Controls as shipped in the runtime and the SDK.


Within the RuntimeControls folder, you’ll see a Solution that contains three projects:

1. SilverlightControls – One can edit the source and default control templates of the controls in order to build a DLL containing custom versions of the controls.

2. Controls Sample – One can take the SilverlightControls DLL from #1 and include it in a project such as this. If you press F5, this app will launch displaying the controls created in #1.

3. System.Windows.Design – This project is here largely for reference, it shows how to build a Design dll for VisualStudio and Expression Blend such that your custom controls would display within the toolbox.

Control Source Explorer


Disclaimer: Note that we did take a small amount of changes in the Runtime Controls to get the project to properly build outside of our internal build environment.


The source for the following controls was released:

- Managed Runtime Controls:

o ButtonBase

o Button

o HyperlinkButton

o CheckBox

o RadioButton

o ToggleButton

o RangeBase

o ProgressBar

o Slider

o ScrollBar

o Thumb

- SDK classes:

o Calendar

o DatePicker

o DataGrid

o TabControl

o GridSplitter

- Unite Tests for the SDK controls

- Appropriate sub-types (eventargs/ handlers, etc)

Have fun and let us know what you build!

Seema, Andre Michaud, & Jon Sheller