We Shipped! See you at the PDC!

We shipped Silverlight 2! Hurrah! 

We made a push to fix several perf improvements throughout the platform between the RC and RTM, let me know if a) you see an improvement that you like! b) something that we still need to fix! 

I'll be heading to the PDC on Monday morning to give a talk:

Deep Dive: Building an Optimized, Graphics-Intensive Application in Microsoft Silverlight
Seema Ramchandani

In this deep dive session we pull the covers off of the layout, rendering, and media pipelines to discuss how things work and how to optimize your application. This session covers how to set goals with your designer and developer teams, what happens behind the scenes with control visuals, the underlying mechanisms of our media stack, and how to profile your application.

The talk wmv should be posted online afterwards. Please mail me any graphics/perf topics that you want to hear discussed, and I'll try to incorporate them into the talk (either in the deck or Q&A).