PerfBytes Podcast Live from STPCon


Episode #41 PerfBytes Live! at STPCON Spring 2014

UTest is renaming itself to Applause

4:30 Talking about yours truly (Thanks guys!).  Mark described Data-Driven Quality (DDQ) as “Using a phenomenological understanding of the real world”

6:40 revisiting the argument about “schools of testing”

12:50 Shift Left

14:50 News of the damned

28:00 Audience participation – What have you learned at STPCon?

33:00 John Montgomery like the way I tweeted about the Rex Black/Cem Kaner “debate” -

@mtomlins O so this is about CDT vs. ISTQB. perhaps they should say that. I'm more interested in business value thru effective engineering

— Seth Eliot (@setheliot) April 15, 2014

#stpcon Key1 I may not understand the issues, but they seem irrelevant . Engineers at Microsoft Amazon Facebook Twitter Netflix do not care

— Seth Eliot (@setheliot) April 15, 2014