See you Monday at First International Workshop on Reliable Data Services and Systems (RDSS)


I will be delivering the keynote at the First International Workshop on Reliable Data Services and Systems (RDSS). Looking forward to seeing you there

  • Data Systems Quality Deserves a Data-Driven approach
    • Seth Eliot, Principal Knowledge Engineer, Microsoft


Data systems are evolving. Storage is distributed and so is processing. Massive parallelization enables us to crunch increasing data sizes reaching past 100s of petabytes. Many data systems are moving to cloud services, and even traditional database management systems are taking on the best aspects of services such as access to telemetry and system updates. How we assess the quality of our data management systems/services also needs to evolve. Data-driven quality (DDQ) is the key to this evolution.

Testers have traditionally relied on test results, but the data sources now available to the tester and the ability to process these are expanding like never before. DDQ strategies such as Testing in Production (TiP) are essential tools for most testers, but the question is how do teams implement these strategies to benefit their specific product? The data needed can be big or small, real-time or delayed, synthetic or organic. So it is critical that you know what data you need and understand how much is required. In this talk, you will learn about the latest tools and techniques used at Microsoft to get insights from this data about product quality. Seth will take you through the critical thinking and framing to understand how data-driven quality can benefit your product and team. He will then describe a roadmap for how teams can implement a data-driven quality strategy and take their testing to the next level.