Configuring the Pickup directory for Reporting Services

Want to troubleshoot the email subscription issues with Reporting Services where reporting services doesn't report any errors but the email was never received? This usually mean that the email could have been stuck within the exchange server. How to isolate reporting services is what we're going to have a look.

  1. Open the rsreportserver.config file located under <Installation Directory>\MSRSx.InstanceName\Reporting Services\ReportServer
  2. Take a back of the rsreportserver.config file.
  3. Locate the element <SendUsing> under <RSEmailDPConfiguration> and change its value to 1 as shown below.
  4. Locate the element <SMTPServerPickupDirectory> and provide a path from the Reporting Services server. Ensure that the folder does exist. For e.g.
  5. Give full permission for the Reporting Services service account on this folder.
  6. Restart the Reporting Services instance from the Reporting services configuration manager.

Now any email subscription that you create and executed by reporting services would create a file with ".eml" extension in the folder location mentioned under <SMTPServerPickupDirectory>.  This file could be opened by Microsoft outlook. If you find the file there, after the subscription is successfully completed by Reporting Services, then that clearly shows that the Reporting Services is not at fault and you need to investigate it from the Exchange server or any other email server perspective.



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