IE 11 browser support for Reporting services versions prior to 2012

I frequently come across customers who use IE 11 to view reports (From Report manager as well from applications using Report viewer controls) that are deployed on Reporting service version prior to 2012 and end up in facing unexpected viewing experiance right from:

  1. Multi line tool bar
  2. Print button not visible.
  3. Page getting stuck with just Loading message.
  4. Report formatting getting messed up.

And the list doesn't just stop here.

One thing you've to be aware of is that neither report viewer control nor the reporting services version prior to SQL server 2012 SP 1 CU 8 have the browser detection logic for IE 11.

What this means is, you do not have much of the options to help yourself here other than the following:

1. Add the reporting services / application URL under the IE compatibility setting so that the page will be rendered in compatibility mode and shows up just as expected. This is a setting which could be forced through group policy or could be done on the individual client machines.

2. Upgrade to SSRS 2012 SP 1 CU 8.

More details on this can be found on my other blog.

More details about browser compatibility can be found here.



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