Check out Dan Polivy's Session on Windows Sensor and Location Platform from Microsoft PDC 2008!

So far, yesterday's session on Windows Sensor and Location Platform appeared finally on Channel 9 - go and watch it!

The talk is about an hour, and in it Dan defines what the sensors are, what Windows 7 can do with them, showcases the current problems of sensors - no standard, no integrated support in current rtm builds of Windows (Vista, XP), and the need for having a one Sensor Platform for them.

You will also hear how the Location Platform was built on top of the Windows Sensor Platform and how it enables developers to be abstracted from concrete implementations of NMEA, or Wi-Fi/cell tower triangulation, IP lookup and other technologies that we use to retrieve user's location. Important thing to note is that in Windows 7, there is a specific "Default Location Provider", that enables users without any of location sensors (whetever they are physical sensors like GPS or logical like Wi-Fi triangulation) on their machines to provide their location information to applications.