First public Location Platform Driver is available – Find Your Location Based On Your IP address!

Hello there colleagues,

I’m sorry for not writing too much last time, too busy with regular job that is you now in this crazy time becoming extremely important :)

So far, I wanted to say that also excuse us and our partners across the globe for no public drivers supporting new Location Platform yet, we are working hard to make these drivers happen, consider to hear more public news in coming months!

This time, however, I want to highlight the community focus on innovation, and, particularly, let me share with you my excitement that first public, community, Location Platform Driver is available!

Dan Griffin, MVP, worked hard to deliver a driver that uses IP address of user’s machine and Live Maps functionality to give you your location. Of course it is not very concrete but kudos to Dan it is the first such driver that gives you opportunity to play with new Location Platform in Windows 7!

You can learn more about it here, and grab here:

The coolest thing is that you do not have to use GPS (And thus buy one, connect to your device etc) to get your approximate location and start creating location-aware applications today!

And remember that you can use Windows 7 Navigation Application to see your location on the map :)

Dan, Bravo!