Windows 7 & Context-Awareness on Microsoft PDC 2008!!!

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I’ve been quite for some time on this blog. The usual day-by-day job (ru) is making most of my time, but the progress on context-awareness research is slowly growing :)

anyway today I wanted to say that we as One Microsoft are proudly telling to the world that Windows 7 will be our first and flagman product that will be context-aware and support 3rd party developers in development of context-aware applications.

Just look at PDC Sessions dedicated to Windows 7, and you’ll find several sessions dedicated specifically to this:

1. Windows 7: Building Great Communications Applications

Presenter: Larry Osterman

Larry Osterman Larry started working at Microsoft back in the dark ages back when computers shipped with kilobytes of memory and a 10 megabytes of disk space. Over his 24 year career he has worked on networking, email servers, embedded controllers for home automation and most recently he works as a developer on the Windows Sound team.


Advanced, Windows 7

2. Windows 7: Extending Battery life with Energy Efficient Applications

Presenter: Pat Stemen

A single application can accidentally halve battery life for the average laptop. This session demonstrates best practices for designing energy efficient applications and shows utilities for diagnosing common application battery life problems. Learn about how Windows 7 makes it easier for developers to design energy-efficient applications which do not negatively impact mobile PC battery life.

Expert, Windows 7

3. Windows 7: New APIs for Building Context-Aware Applications

Presenter: Dan Polivy


Expert, Windows 7

Of course the most intriguing one session is #3 in my list – Windows 7: New APIs for Building Context-Aware Applications. This one will be lead by Dan Polivy, he is Senior Program Manager at PC|3 division (which is part of COSD and is led by CVP Bill Mitchell, who is famous by the big project Tablet PC he owned at Microsoft). I can’t say more on this topic until PDC, but be sure, this will be a VERY interesting topic, really!

As of Energy-Saving/Energy Efficient Software – it’s our common pain with Intel and other OEMs and we all hope that context-awareness will help developers to build more energy-efficient software that in turn will help Mobile Internet Devices, communicators to work longer while on network.

Finally, the track on Communications Applications will get you into the new world of Sound subsystem in Windows 7 that will also enable you to build the great context-aware applications for Windows platform.

Expect more news – now from PDCjoin us there!

P.S. EVERY attendee will get his own copy of Windows 7! :))) pre-beta bits, btw, first time you’ll be able to play with bits and create first context-aware applications for Windows Platform!

 P.P.S. Never thought my post on Dan’s talk on PDC would give any attention but…. - in SoftPedia


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:) funny to see that buzz is appearing around!