Windows 7 Navigation Application Released!

Hello to all!

As you remember two months ago just a week after PDC 2008 I’ve created a sample Windows 7 Location Aware WPF Application. You can consider it as a mashup:



What It Showcases?

  1. How to access Windows 7 Location Platform data in your .NET application
  2. How to show this data with Virtual Earth 3D and track movements automatically by subscribing to Location changes from Location Platform API
  3. How to use WPF Ribbon Control and VE3D WinForms control to make easy Natural User Interface for interaction with app


  1. Windows 7 Beta
  2. .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  3. Virtual Earth 3D Control (go to and click 3D to install control)
  4. Windows 7-compatible Location Provider (say GPS)


Let me say thanks to Yukinori Morishita from Redmond for his implementation of LocationProvider that I used to subscribe to changes of Location data. Thanks come also to Prasanna Padmanabhan (PC|3, Sensor and Location Platform team Test Lead) who gave me detailed explanations on Location API design for Windows 7 M3 and Windows 7 Beta without whose help Yuki’s LocationProvider would be much harder to implement.


Download from MSDN Code Gallery

Application Site

Windows 7 Navigation Application @ MSDN Code Gallery

All additional info on how to work with this app will be hosted on this site.