World Usability Day Russia 2008

Hi there again,

News from the field. Last Thursday we made a third announcement on Windows Sensor and Location Platform, our commitment to make context awareness an important aspect of software development in order to make software user friendly, prospects on market growth, and what the Context’s Role is in UX.

Let me little bit introduce our Russian part of the team:

  • Mikhail Matveev, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Russia
  • Daniel Kornev, Program Manager, Microsoft Russia
  • Alexander Popov, MSTLab, Moscow State University

Our announcement was made on World Usability Day 2008 Conference (RU) held in Moscow Russia last Thursday. Mikhail Matveev was opening the talk hardly explaining people existing context-aware solutions like iPhone, HTC Touch Pro, Office 2007 with it’s “Fluent” UI etc, explaining that all these solutions have one thing in common – Context, and showcasing the market growth and predictions for this growth for next 5 years, while Daniel (me) showcased the new Windows 7, Sensor and Location Platform in it on samples I’ve brought from PC|3 Team – accelerometer, touch sensors, Marble game and Light-aware WPF application (modified MSDN Reader).

Here are some photos from event:

17 18
Mikhail Matveev is describing existing samples of Context-Aware products like iPhone, HTC Touch Pro etc. Daniel is relaxing :)
Mikhail is explaining the need for Context in UX and how we can capture and use it in our software development process  

  There were several questions – on Privacy of Windows Sensor and Location Platform, on Light-aware UI, on sensors and which of them will be available when we’ll ship Windows 7 :)

It was great experience for me to take part in this conference and deliver our ideas to a such elite group of UX experts of Russia.

The video of our speech will follow next weeks.

Attached please find our Slide Deck both in English and Russian languages (for your reference).