Writing Context-Aware Applications: The Windows 7 Sensor and Location platform is now live!

As promised, at PDC we Microsoft made a disclosure of Windows 7 to the general public!

And, as I told previously, we now are shipping a context-aware Platform consisting of Sensor & Location platforms as a part of Windows 7!

Today and by end of PDC you can go to Windows 7 stend in Microsoft Pavilion and talk to Alec Berntson and Dan Polivy, those who managed to bring these platforms to live! Let me do not forget the rest of PC|3 team that worked so hard for last 1.5 years to make this real, Gavin Gear (Sensors Platform PM), and all of those who made the impossible a reality!

Based on this public disclosure, we launched our WHDC (Windows Hardware Developer Central) site today:


Here, you can learn about what our platform is, what the opportunities are for sensors and location, and how to get more information about our platform.

We have 3 whitepapers that you can use to get started with our platform:

Sensor and Location White Papers

White Paper Implementing Light-Aware UI Using the Windows Sensor and Location Platform [1.5 MB]  
White Paper Integrating Ambient Light Sensors with Windows 7 Computers [296 KB]  
White Paper Introducing the Windows Sensor and Location Platform [177 KB]  

Sensor and Location Labs

White Paper Hands-On Lab PCHOL13 Writing a Location-Aware Gadget [142 KB]  


Microsoft.com MSDN Developer Forum

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And you, you all will also have access to our developer forum (will go live later today), Blogs, and other resources. 

Let me cite Gavin Gear, Sensors PM, in welcoming a such new important piece of Windows 7:

"Context-aware computing will bring tremendous value to our customers in the years to come, and the word is finally out!"


writing @ Microsoft PDC 2008, LA, California