Pull Distribution Point upgrade behavior while installing Cumulative Updates in ConfigMgr 2012 Site.

Update: In ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU4, we have a fix to improve the Pull DP upgrade behavior. Check out https://support.microsoft.com/kb/3026739

"Installing a cumulative update on a site unnecessarily copies the whole client installation bundle to any Pull distribution points"

Today's topic is about the behavior of the Pull distribution Point upgrade on ConfigMgr 2012 R2 CU1.

When we install Cumulative updates on a ConfigMgr site all the site components will be upgraded automatically. Also the Remote Site Systems including Management points
and Distribution Points.

When it comes to Pull Distribution Points we need to consider few things.

We install Pull Distribution Points in the environment to manage clients in a limited bandwidth connectivity. Pull Distribution Points use Client Framework and download the targeted Applications and Packages using BITS.


When we upgrade the Site with a latest cumulative update the Client Components also needs to be upgraded in all the clients. However the Cumulative updates upgrade to clients will not happen automatically and the Client Auto upgrade feature is applicable only to service pack upgrade or new releases (R2, R3 etc.). So we need to distribute as a Package to all the clients to upgrade them to the latest CU level.

Though the Pull DP works in client framework, it is a Site System which holds a server role. So the site upgrade triggers a upgrade of the Pull Distribution Points automatically.

It will drop a resetdps.trn and resetpulldps.trn file in distmgr.box on the site server and triggers upgrade of all the Distribution Points and PullDPs on the Site. Once it started, it will mark all the Pull Distribution Points as not Installed. Since the Distribution Points are located in low bandwidth connected remote locations, we will see network utilization. Because the new binaries are copied over SMB instead of BITS. Till the time the upgrade process complete, clients will not be able to get location of the Pull Distribution Points for downloading the packages and applications.

It is expected behavior. So while planning for site upgrade consider this behavior.

All the best with your Site Upgrade.

Hope this helps.

Senthilkumar Pandurangan

Support Escalation Engineer | Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager


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