Azure Relay Namespace Separation

We wanted to provide an update on this blog post about separating our namespaces. You may have noticed we didn’t include specific dates for Azure Relay namespace separation. This was done so we could focus first on Service Bus queues and topics and Event Hubs. Now we are ready to follow a similar process for what we have done with those services for Relay.

Don’t worry these are not breaking changes and your Relays will operate as they do today, but we want to provide our customers with the option to have the best user experience possible!!!

To elaborate further (we highly suggest reading this blog for more context):

  • If you created a Service Bus namespace of the type “Messaging” in the past that have Relay entities and other entities such as queues and topics we are encouraging our customers to go into the new Azure portal and create a new Relay namespace there. This will provide for a better experience for upcoming Relay features as well as allowing you to create either WCF Relay or Hybrid Connection entities or both.
  • If you created a Service Bus namespace of the type “Messaging” that have Relay entities only, then we will be auto-converting these to Relay namespaces (please see provided dates below).

Important Upcoming Dates for Azure Relay

Note: DELAYED Please check back for dates on Relay auto-convert
First week of April 2017 *Relay auto-convert rolling out (mentioned above) April 5, 2017 *Last Day to create new Relay entities with a Messaging namespace type in the classic Azure portal *Ending support for creating a new Relay entity with a new Messaging namespace type through all API’s

---Relay Out---