Azure Service Bus Geo-disaster recovery (preview) released!

We are excited to announce the public preview for enabling Geo-disaster recovery for Service Bus. This article gives an overview of how to enable regional disaster recovery capability for Service Bus.
Previously, the only way to protect from events which would qualify as disaster or Geo-disaster was by managing high availability yourself in your respective clients, and keeping independent datacenters in different regions in sync from your client code. Any entity created in one datacenter had to be replicated to the other datacenter. With this new feature, this is no longer necessary. Any entity created in one “primary” namespace gets replicated to a “secondary” namespace. We will also add data replication at a later point in time. This feature is only available for premium namespaces.

Please see the full documentation of the feature, including code samples and the REST API documentation, here:

Also take some time to check out the definition of what is equivalent to a Geo-disaster: /en-us/azure/service-bus-messaging/service-bus-outages-disasters

This feature is geared towards Geo disaster recovery and not for handling short outages. These articles include good samples on how to harden your client code against those events.

If you have feedback, please let us know!