Namespace Separation Updates

We have some important updates to share on our namespace separation milestone.

Starting on March 6, April 5, 2017, when you create a new namespace of Messaging type you will no longer be able to create Event Hubs on that namespace.

If you already have existing deployments prior to March 6 April 5 that have these namespaces containing Queues, Topics and Event Hubs then you can still create Event Hub entities in that namespace for legacy reasons. However, this will only be allowed via API or Powershell as both the new and classic Azure Portals will not support this action.

Note: These are not breaking changes, all runtime operations will continue to function with no impact. However, going forward we highly recommend splitting your legacy namespaces.

Here is an example of a recommended namespace after March 6 April 5, 2017:



Here is an example of a namespace we don't recommend as it will not fully utilize new Azure Portal features:



To sum up and provide a few scenarios:

  1. If you have a namespace created before March 6 April 5, things will work as they have, but you should think about splitting a namespace with Queues/Topics and Event Hubs into two separate namespaces to fully enjoy the new Azure portal.
  2. If you create a namespace after March 6 April 5 it will only contain the entities specific to the service. For example only Queue and Topic entities for a Messaging namespace.

Note: If you are using a classic Portal API, then you must upgrade to the latest Service Bus management client to continue functioning with converted namespaces.