Service Bus client 3.4.2 is now live

Check out our newest release for the Service Bus client library!

The NuGet package can be found at

Below are the release notes the Microsoft Azure Service Bus NuGet package:

  • EventHub/Messaging: fix a bug in the client side performance counter where a connection redirect can cause a change in port number which will cause counter instances to have the wrong endpoint format as keys.
  • EventHub/Messaging: Add app.Config switch for toggling entity level performance counters. To toggle the switch without code, ensure the key "Microsoft.ServiceBus.DisableEntityLevelPerformanceCounters" is specified in the application config:
        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
            <add key="Microsoft.ServiceBus.DisableEntityLevelPerformanceCounters" value="true"/>

Happy messaging!