App-V Auto Sequencing Part 1, the blueprint

Creating App-V packages sometimes seems  like an artform. (I've even heard people call it a Dark Art) Depending on who you talk to about App-V or which experiences they have had, responses  range between general interest to outright enthusiasm. Likewise with any artform you'll always meet somebody doing it better or asking for costs.


This series of blogs will help you understand

  • What automatic package creation is
  • How to build a package.
  • Solutions from the field, what we have seen and/or built out with some of our customers.

What Sequencing options are there ?

When Sequencing a package there are 2 options both provided with the Windows 10 ADK.

  • Build packages with the Microsoft Autosequencer
  • Create your own customized solution

The default boxed App-V Autosequencer will suit most scenarios and can be automated whereas the Sequencing application is manual and has the necessary graphical interface more suited to complex applications.

The Shopping list

Before you start there are some prerequisites to fulfill:

The blueprint

So let's sort things out, define the overall plan and steps needed

With the following blog posts, we'll guide you through all of the steps needed to prepare and use your new Autosequencer.


Johannes Freundorfer and Ingmar Oosterhoff