‘Art and Science of UX’ Deepzoom Resurrected

I’ve finally resurrected my ‘Art and Science of UX’ Deepzoom from my TechEd 08 talk. (Click the link to open the full-page version, you'll need to 'Open' the file.)



In this talk I discuss how user experience is both a wannabe science, as well as an art, and how that creates tension with those in the project that come from an engineering background. I discuss how to bring design to engineering, as well as engineering to design. Along the way we also talk about practical ways any team (with or without a UX person) can improve the user experience of their project.

It’s a fun talk, that I hope to do more often. I also hope to add more detail to the deepzoom over time, so keep an eye out.

Note you will be prompted to install Silverlight 2 if you do not have it.