Gekko Expression Media Workshops

image Gekko Images in Sydney has introduced three new Expression Media courses:

  • Expression Media as DAM   (Sydney November 25)
  • Introduction to Using Expression Media   (Sydney November 26)
  • Expression Media for Power Users  (Sydney November 27)

Gekko has been working with Expression Media (and iView MediaPro before that) for years, especially working with professional photographers. No-one in Australia knows more about using Expression Media to keep track of all your project's design assets - not just photos and videos.

Courses are 1-day for $299 and include:

  • Course notes
  • Access to online video tutorials
  • Hours of free phone support

Check Gekko Images for more details.

Expression Media 2 and Silverlight 2

PS. Don't forget to upgrade your copy of Expression Media 2 to SP1 to bring it up to date with Silverlight 2.