Remix Australia Lonely Planet Surface Demo

The Lonely Planet Surface application that Amnesia Razorfish showed at Remix has been generating heaps of interest, so I’m pleased to say that the videos are finally online for your viewing pleasure.

First check out the Lonely Planet keynote demo (around 7.5 minutes):

Then for more detail on designing for touch and multitouch, and for the back story of the Lonely Planet design process, check out the session Iain McDonald from Amnesia Razorfish did with me later in the day (about 45 minutes):

Design in the Round: Creating Compelling User Experiences for Surface

Also, here are the slides for the session:

Design In The Round: Creating Compelling User Experiences for Surface

View more documents from Shane Morris.

Come to UXAustralia for more

The process for designing for Surface, and especially for multiple simultaneous users is a fascinating one. I’m gonna talk more about that at my UXAustralia session in August in Canberra: Designing for multitouch, and multiple touchpoints.



(Thanks to Ben Harrison and Michael Kordahi for all their work encoding the videos.)

(Also, thanks to Gabriel White, from whom I pinched some ideas for this presentation.)