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Does SharePoint 2016 support SAML 2.0

There may be some confusion, looking at all the public documentation for SharePoint, in regard to...

Author: Mikelaughs Date: 02/17/2017

SharePoint Management Shell- List out all authentication Providers for each zone in each web Application in your farm

You may find yourself hunting for the SharePoint Web application and looking through each...

Author: Mikelaughs Date: 02/17/2017

SharePoint 2013 Incoming Email - a discussion of some of the requirements

  • Cross posted from my post on the SharePoint Team blog, where you'll find blogs from a great bunch...

Author: Mikelaughs Date: 02/08/2016

Playing Windows authenticated SharePoint 2013 Videos from a Mac OS X device and Safari browser - Solution

The Problem: You are Unable to play videos from an authenticated (Windows Authentication) SharePoint...

Author: Mikelaughs Date: 01/21/2015

SharePoint 2013 Profile Pictures no longer display in MySites after moving MySite URL or changing web applications

You may have run into this innocently enough, just trying to get a better URL for your MySite users....

Author: Mikelaughs Date: 01/14/2014

My Quick Deploy Job is causing 4958 and 6398 errors in the application log every 15 minutes

The SharePoint Content deployment topic has been well documented, but I recently ran into an issue...

Author: Mikelaughs Date: 05/23/2011