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Original article published on Fri, Jun 08 2012

The Grid is a private community that brings Office 365 experts and IT pros together to share their expertise about technology and Office 365. You have to apply to join The Grid, but you don’t have to wait to start enjoying the excellent content being created by Office 365 experts in our Grid blog.

One great benefit of joining the Grid is the weekly Challenge. The Grid community has weekly challenges that enable users to share their best Office 365 practices, scenarios and stories. One challenge was entitled “Office 365 User Scenarios” where we asked Grid members to share their best Office 365 User Scenarios.

  • What Office 365 scenarios have you dealt with?
  • What are the most important Office 365 scenarios?
  • How do you approach an Office 365 situation?

Below are the top Grid user posts from this Challenge, and we hope that the rest of our community can benefit from this great Grid content.

  • Office 365 User Scenarios
  • Use shortcuts in Office to your favorite SharePoint folders

Office 365 User Scenarios


Microsoft Office 365 is a growing cloud solution both in Small Business and Enterprise, It gives the customer a wide range of services as which is inevitable for the business to run, that too in affordable price. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and providing support for Office 365. From the Office 365 beta we are dealing with many Scenarios. Some of them are as below:

Adding Custom Domain to Office 365.
Setup Outlook to work with exchange online
Exchange Migrations
Active Directory Synchronization, Single Sign on
Exchange Compliance (Distribution Group, Rules , Archive etc.)

The most important Office 365 scenario we dealt with is Adding domain to Office 365 and Single Sign on. Sometimes users are not aware what to do with domain when added to office 365. These scenarios are properly explained to the customers. for e.g. A customer just need to add domain to office 365 for email and not for the public website he has due to some restrictions. Set up single sign is also an important office 365 scenario which we came across.

We too have some issues when something is not working as expected, In this situation we do approach online help using the Office 365 community. People here are very skilled and able to identify the issue soon and follow up till the issue has been resolved. We too used tools like PowerShell, NSlookup, Snooper, MOSDAL, Office 365 Deployment Readiness tool and so on. These tools helps us to identify related issue and troubleshoot accordingly.

Office 365 improved a lot where many people are migrating to office 365 and We are proud to be a support provider for Office 365.

Use shortcuts in Office to your Favourite SharePoint folders

 Darrell Webster of Olympic Software NZ

I attended the New Zealand SharePoint Conference on the 28th & 29th of March. I’m “an infrastructure guy” but I didn’t attend any of the IT Pro or Developer workshops. I wanted to find out tips, tricks and concepts that I could pass onto our Office 365 customers.

One valuable point I took away from the conference is that if SharePoint and Office aren’t easy to use our customers are not going to use them to their fullest potential. Dr Nitin Paranjape encouraged his audience to exploit the integration features of Office and SharePoint.

Here is one feature – use shortcuts in Office to your favourite SharePoint folders.

Basic rule of website design – if your audience has to scroll lots or click many times to get to the content they want, they won’t.
Application to SharePoint – If you use lots of folders and levels of folders to organize your files, it will annoy your users. Click, load, click, load, click, load…. finally the file I was after.


Shortcut One – Office File menu’s Recent Places

Office 2010 has a very useful “Recent” menu. It displays recent Files and recent Places. In the example below I have pinned my SharePoint online Shared Documents to Recent Places.

Office Recent Files menu

Office 2010's recent files and places menu


Shortcut Two – SharePoint folders in Windows Explorer Favourites

Add commonly used SharePoint folders to your Windows Explorer favourites.

Now that you have a SharePoint Online folder saved in your Recent Places, you can add it to your Windows Explorer favourites. Here is one way to do so.

  1. Open the SharePoint Online folder from Recent Places in your Office 2010 application. The example below is from Excel.
  2. Right-click on the Favourites menu in the Open dialogue box and choose Add current location to Favourites
  3. To easily recognize the folder as SharePoint Online folder, I recommend renaming it. (Right-click and Rename.)

Add current location to Favourites

Add current location to Favourites

Your favourite SharePoint folders are now accessible in Windows Explorer and the File Open / Save dialogue box in your office applications.

This may seem trivial to some readers. But this simple tip will make SharePoint life easier for a number of your colleagues who are still using shortcuts on the desktops to get to libraries and sub-folders in libraries.

This method was based on using Windows 7 and Office 2010. I welcome comments and corrections. Additionally, if you have a method for other Windows versions and Office 2007, feel free to comment.

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