Groove 2007 SDK updated for SP2

The Groove 2007 SDK has been updated for SP2.  The SDK and the revised Groove Web Services documentation are available on MSDN. The new APIs provide two major capabilities:

  • Creating invitations and controlling them from Groove Web Services applications
  • Creating and maintaining invisible workspaces

These features allow your Web Services application to create workspaces that are accessed only through Groove Web Services applications. This allows you to provide your users with a single user interface to access data in the workspace, the one provided by your application. These invisible workspaces are hidden from the user in the Groove Launchbar or the  Open Workspace list.

For a detailed list of new Groove Web Services operations, see the Release Notes.  Note that you should check for the availability of the new APIs before calling them in your application.  You can find sample code that shows you how to do this here.