AD RMS Service Group in Windows Server 2008

When configuring RMS server integration with SharePoint, one of the tasks is to add specific rights to the ServerConfiguration.asmx file within the RMS cluster application itself. 

It took me a while to figure this out, but the RMS Service Group was renamed in Server 2008.  I kept browsing for the group and it kept telling me that ‘RMS Service Group’ didn’t exist… Thinking that I was going crazy I went and checked my actual service account to see who it was a member of… doh!  The name had changed in 2008.

  1. In Windows Rights Management Server (a separate download for Windows Server 2003), the service group is ‘RMS Service Group’. 
  2. In AD Rights Management Server (which is now a server role Windows Server 2008), that group is now ‘AD RMS Service Group’.


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