Microsoft Tag – Include in SharePoint and more

Microsoft recently released Microsoft Tag.   It took me a second to get my head around the concept, but immediately realized how powerful this can be.

How it works:

  1. You create a tag.
  2. You put this tag on offline/online material.
  3. An individual aims a camera enabled phone at this tag.
  4. Microsoft Tag then directs that user to online media (and more).

Here are some scenarios that I’ve thought of.

Include a tag on your website.  
imageIf you look on my homepage (left hand side) you’ll see a tag.  Well, why would a user want to use this tag if they are already on my site?  Easy – it’s a vCard!  If a user points their camera phone at my tag, it will prompt them to save my contact information to my phone.  Slick!


Include a tag on your social networks
You can create a tag to direct users to a URL.  So, here’s the idea. The majority of the social networks out there allow you to have an avatar / picture.  Use your tag for your picture.  I recently changed my pic on imageTwitter, so that anyone that points their camera phone at my tag will be directed to my blog.  Utilizing my pic on the social networks, I’m promoting my blog.  Right now this is very beneficial for me (I recently just moved my blog to a new host, and due to that I lost a lot of my subscribers.  I’ve been trying to get the word out there, but so far it’s been slow.) 

Include a tag on your printed material
Today I’m at SharePoint Saturday.  There a couple of vendors downstairs with tables set up.  T-Shirts, Data Sheets, brochures, the usual stuff.  Well, what if they had a tag on their sign?  Or What if they had a tag on their one sheeters?  I could snap that tag and immediately be taken to online media.  What if I don’t have time to chat with them at the booth but I want to learn more about their product/service?  I could store it and visit the media later when I have the time. 

Include a tag on your SharePoint blog
What if you want users to be able to access mobile information from your site?  Add a tag to your article and users can grab that tag, and store it for reading later.  I saw an article this morning that is already putting this idea into practice.  Groovy!

Include a tag in your podcast
Are you podcasting?  Next time you have a podcast and mention a url or a resource, overlay a tag in that podcast so that users can grab that tag and immediately access the information.  I have a feeling that Michael Gannotti is going to start tagging in his videos – looking forward to that:


Go check it out… start brainstorming and imagine the possibilities.