More Microsoft Tag Ideas

I keep thinking of new ideas!  See this post for my original ideas on Microsoft Tag  Here are some latest:

Amber Alert
Amber Alerts could have tags, so that individuals that are mobile could grab a tag to get a picture of what the missing child looks like, and a vehicle description.

PowerPoint Presentations
Have contact information at the end of a presentation, include your tag!  Individuals could grab your website URL, or contact information right from the audience and have it immediately on their mobile.

Business Card
This one is a no-brainer.  Put a tag on your business card and your contact information won’t get lost in a purse or coat pocket.  Give your business card to someone and they can snap the tag and immediately store your contact information right on their phone.  No need to manually enter.

Nutritional Information
Products could include a tag on the back, snap the tag and you could get more detailed information on the food product.

Restaurants could include tags on napkins/coasters/menus, etc… Snap that tag and you immediately have info about the restaurant, share it with friends.  Crazy idea – throw tags on the plates.  Appetizer comes out and you don’t know what it is?  Snap the tag for food info and nutritional facts.

Movie Trailers
Sitting in the movies and you see a good trailer for a movie that you know you’ll want to see?  What if it had a tag at the end?  Snap that tag and you immediately have the URL for that movie.  Sweet!! (thought of this one waiting on Valkyrie in Virginia Beach – great movie, go see and appreciate the free world we live in!)

Books could have a tag on the inside cover, users snap the tag and they have information on whatever they need: the book, the series, the author, etc…

Welcome Centers
Do you travel, but never stop at the Welcome Center when you cross the state line?  What if right next to the ‘Welcome to North Carolina’ sign, there was a state sign with a Tag?  You got the idea! Snap it, and you got welcome information on your mobile device.

Lost Pet signs
Self explanatory – a person doesn’t have to worry about seeing ‘that dog’ and then try to remember where they saw the original lost pet sign or the contact number.

Recently I had actually been wondering if Advertising companies were still seeing benefits of primitive billboards for companies.  I mean in today’s technology world, what in the world is a big piece of paper on the side of the road cluttering scenery?  Well, if it had a tag, it would actually have some benefit now.

Music Material
CD’s, streaming music sites, etc… Have a tag on the material, and users could be taken to mobile content for that artist: online videos, concert dates, etc…


I could go on and on and on and on.  I have always felt that a ‘million dollar’ idea is to come up with something that people need, they just don’t know they need it yet.  Like that cardboard sleeve for your coffee cup at Starbucks.  Nobody knew they needed that to keep from burning their hand – but now how often do you see a cup without one? 

I think Microsoft Tag is something that we need, we just hadn’t realized it yet.  It’s the ability to take anything offline and take it online or mobile.  The possibilities truly are endless.  Count me in for hoping that this concept really takes off, is accepted, is utilized, and connects offline with online via a simple Tag!

ps: I’ll give $10.00 to the first person that gets their vCard Tag tattooed on them. ;)