PerformancePoint Install - Failed Windows Server 2003 SP1

I did a presentation last week about Business Intelligence in MOSS.  During that, I showed how PerformancePoint's Dashboard Designer can be utilized and even report on lists in SharePoint - but another post on that later.  For the presentation, I had to install PerformancePoint on my Virtual machine - which is running a small installation of MOSS.  Only problem however was that my machine was also a domain controller. 

PerformancePoint installer couldn't pass the Prerequisites, because it was looking for the Service Pack of a non domain-controller.  Right - I understood that Microsoft didn't "want" me to install the software on a DC machine, but I needed to for my demo purposes.  But I couldn't, because the 'Next' button was disabled.   Ouch!

Work Around:

You can run the following commands to install PerformancePoint making it ignore the prerequisites check, and ultimately enabling the 'Next' button.

To skip check for Planning Server:



To skip check for Monitoring Server:



Note: /pps/ was the directory of my installation files



- Dan