SharePoint Comic – SP2 Bug


Oops, what happened to my license? Service Pack 2 for SharePoint Server 2007 will inadvertently activate the expiration date of your SharePoint implementation.  Everything will be ‘okay’, but your users won’t be able to access the SharePoint sites 180 days from the time of the Service Pack install. 

No worries, just download and install the hotfix in KB971620 (  It will either (1) prevent the service pack from activating the expiration if you had not installed the service pack yet, or (2) remove the expiration date activated if you already installed the service pack.

At a later date Microsoft will release an updated Service Pack download, that will actually include the fix already.  So this Dossier, I mean ummm Knowledge Base, only applies to you if you are about to install the service pack, or already have.

Good luck agent #7.