Sharing The Point is now SharePoint Comic

Dear 7 readers,

What an exciting week!  SharePoint 2010 NDA has been lifted with the 2009 SharePoint Conference in full swing, and I’m releasing my new blog (I was going to have a poll on which was a bigger moment, but it seemed pointless, I’m obviously more important than 2010 info)

I have been very quite on the blog front as of late, because I have been working behind the scenes on rebranding, moving, and upgrading my blog.  I’ve been waiting to publish this for a week now, so I’m really excited to finally be releasing it (Yes, I know that makes me a geek, but you are reading this so technically you were already a geek too).

So what have we done?

  1. Migrated the blog from a hosted solution to my own server so that I have access to do more
  2. Renamed from Sharing The Point (SharePoint) to SharePoint Comic
  3. The blog is now running the Community Kit for SharePoint  Enhanced Blog Edition 2.5 (CKS:EBE)
    1. This brings so many better features for blogging to SharePoint, but I will discuss that more on Wednesday
  4. Rebranded the site with a custom theme
  5. Implemented Analytics so I can track the billions of clicks (okay 4 clicks) that my 7 readers generate
  6. Microsoft Translator is now available for my one reader who is over seas.
  7. Search is now using the native SharePoint Search for WSS

As with any migration/upgrade – I’m sure I’ve missed something so there may be a tweak or two over the next several days.   If you subscribe to my FeedBurner feed, there is no reason to update your RSS Readers.  However, if you were subscribing to the native SharePoint RSS Feed, you will need to update:

I hope you enjoy the new site, and the hilarious (okay somewhat amusing comics) that are coming soon, and the SharePoint 2010 blog posts! (don’t worry 2007, I’ll still write about you to)

SharePoint Comic, 7 Readers Strong! W00t!

- Dan