Show me the File Extensions!

Hey there 7 readers… sometimes there are just the littlest things that probably shouldn’t bother us, but they do anyway.  Take not being able to see a file extension.  It bothers me… This has to be one of the most annoying default settings for anyone who edits files often on a desktop or server (maybe I'm just easily annoyed?).

Example, let’s say you are looking for a .config file.  Now, since we are super geeky intelligent people, we know that web file is our .config.  But let’s just assume we don’t for the sake of this post.



With default installations of the OS, you can't see the file extension of files. Here's how you get those extensions to show:



On the Folder Options dialog, select the View tab. Then deselect the option "Hide extensions for known file types". Then select the Apply button.



Yay! We now have our extensions.