SharePoint Conference 2012 in Vegas!

Hi all,

Sam Chung from the SharePoint Designer team again. Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that the SharePoint 2012 Conference is happening next week in Las Vegas! 

This is a great opportunity for the entire SharePoint Community!  You’ll get to see and hear some great presentations on everything SharePoint! Smile

Another great plus is that there is going to be three of us from the SharePoint Designer team doing presentations!  Hyong Guk Kim, JongHwa Lim, and myself will be there.   For those of you who are going, look for us in the following sessions:

Developing SharePoint Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013 and Visio Pro 2013

Presented by JongHwa Lim and Sam Chung

Creating Custom Workflow Activities and Actions for SharePoint 2013

Presented by Hyong Guk Kim

What's New in Designing Workflows and Managing Work Requests With Project Online & Project Server 2013

Presented by Kia Amiri and Sam Chung


Looking forward to seeing a lot of you there in Vegas! Smile