SP 2010: Calendar not displaying data when accessing via a formatted URL

Problem: User clicks on a preformatted URL like this:

http://sharepoint/sites/test/Lists/Calendar/calendar.aspx?CalendarDate=4/16/2012 in order to get to a week view of a calendar but no data appears. I verified that data for this week does indeed exist. I also verified that I could not reproduce this issue on a pre SP1 + Dec. 2011 CU environment so it appears to be a bug present before this build. This particular customer was on the Feb. 2011 CU:

It was not possible for the customer to patch up to a higher patch level at this time, but thanks to my colleague Kerry Williams, he figured out that changing the date format in the URL fixed the problem and displayed data in the weekly view as the user expected: http://sharepoint/sites/test/Lists/Calendar/calendar.aspx?CalendarDate=2012-04-16. This was an easy change that the user was able to make on their links to these views

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