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A helpful reader pointed out I don't really know Klingon.

PS. I just checked out your blog (very nice by the way, lots of stuff I need to read) and I noticed along the top of the page you have  (jItlhInganbe') for "I'm not a Klingon". The translation your looking for would be   (tlhIngan jIHbe' - I am not a Klingon).

Thanks, fixed it :)  As I said, I'm not a Klingon, and had a terrible time finding something to work for "am" in The Klingon Dictionary or one of the on-line lessons I found.

Although that's kind of like one of those odd things that always strikes me as funny when traveling. 

Me: "Can you tell me where a good restaurant is?"
Native: "Sorry, I don't speak English". (Sometimes even without an accent)

Hmm.  I'll continue to have to rely on others for Klingon translations :)

- Shawn


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