Some custom locale examples.

Here're some custom locale examples in various formats (1.8 MB .zipped download).

These are to be used at your own risk.  They are basically locales I used for testing and playing around with.  They probably have serious errors and were basically selected randomly.  Any mistakes are mine.  You are free to use or change these, but I cannot vouch for their accuracy, so use care if you want to use them.

valley-GIRL - Like, you already know this locale.  Micheal Kaplan asked me to include this one.
chr-US - Cherokee that I was playing with for non-Latn fonts
eo-US - Esperanto (United States)
fj-FJ - Michael kept using Fijiian (Fiji) as a sample, so I had to make one.  I expect that the formatting values could be wrong.
en-FJ - "The Web" told me that English is also spoken in Fiji, and frankly that was easier.
haw-US - Hawaiian - I have a Hawaiian coworker and needed test data.
tlh-Latn-US - Klingon (Latin script) - Just for fun.
tlh-pIqaD-US - Klingon (pIqaD script) - Just for more fun.
qps-ploc - Pseudolocalized with custom sort (see Pseudo Locales in Windows Vista Beta 2)

- Shawn