The Square Boxes in My Blog's Title

Someone pointed out the boxes in my blog's title.  That's a script some fans use for Klingon, but since it's not in Unicode, you need a pIqaD font to see it correctly.  If you really want to see the square boxes, then grab the pIqaD.ttf font from the .zip in my earlier post:  You don't need the whole thing, just the font.  Double click on pIqaD.ttf and it'll work, the rest of the custom locale is unnecessary.

Disclaimer: There's fine print on the blogs somewhere about stuff we provide our our blogs being unwarranted and all that, and that includes the font.  pIqaD.ttf is something I wrote, but I know very little about fonts and it fails the validator I tried it against.  OTOH it hasn't given me any problems either.  Somewhat obviously this is also something entirely of my own doing to exercise rarely used code paths, and not at all endorsed by my employer :)

I specified pIqaD.ttf in the HTML because it's something I wrote, so I think I can provide it.  It's also a little different than some other pIqaD examples on the web because I wanted the characters to be a little easier to tell apart.  Since Unicode doesn't have pIqaD, it is encoded in the PUA, using the conscript convention for fan codepoints.  The use of the PUA bugs some people, however it is the only option if you want the glyphs to behave (other than an image, which would be even less portable).