2018 A UWP ODYSSAY #001

This is just only my imagine.


UWP is multi device supported application platform for Windows 10. It support from iot, mobile, PC, Hub and holographic. It is Universal Platform but only for Windows 10 devices.

finding piece for absolute UWP

I watched recent application application platform, for example WPF, Silverlight, WinRT and UWP. I think UWP is in the middle of evolution. At least it need more 2 pieces.

  • iOS / Android / MacOS Support
  • Unified .NET Framework

Of cource, it was realized by Xamarin, and future of .NET Framework story. And I think there are frew pieces for next generation UWP.

  • Improvement of UI Language
  • Unified 3D object
  • Support unified protocol for connection with devices
  • plugin model of UI and application module
  • interface for connecting with cloud service and AI.

Writing code and comple for selected devices and connect with other devices and services. It may be UWP. You think it is Xamarin, but I believe UWP will  take in Xamarin.

Until future UWP, we have to prepare to develp applications with current UWP/Xamarin/Azure. I'll show all information for you.