Augmented Reality (AR) in Retail

We have seen a lot of interest in Augmented Reality in the Retail Industry lately. Project Natal has been creating quite a buzz in a lot of the retailer meetings that we have been in. Retailers do see a huge potential in the capabilities offered by Natal and they are certainly looking beyond the gaming capabilities. For those not familiar with Project Natal, have a look at :

AdWeek has an excellent article about the Ad Potential of Project Natal and how it could be used to detect the characteristics of a person and what they are wearing or holding and make recommendations based on that.

Retailers can use Augmented reality for :

  1. Engaging customers and enhancing customer experience at the store. Unlike Microsoft Tag, Augmented reality does not necessarily need any printed tags but uses image recognition.
  2. Use Augmented Reality at Store Windows to engage customers and enable interaction and possible conversion.
  3. Use Augmented Reality to help visualize products without using additional floor space.
  4. Use AR for Apparel retailers for virtual fitting.

Here are some examples of AR in Retail:

  1. Ray Ban: Ray Ban Virtual Mirror Video
  2. Benetton: Augmented Reality
  3. Lego: Video
  4. Toyota: Video Download App
  5. Tissot: Video 
  6. Ikea Concept