Cortana Intelligence Suite Retail Industry Solution How-to Guides

The Cortana Intelligence Suite is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite to transform your data into intelligent action. 


These retail industry solution how-to guides contain all the necessary materials and instructions needed to put together an end-to-end pipeline for each use case using the tools available in the Cortana Intelligence Suite:


Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization

While pricing is recognized as a pivotal determinant of success in the retail industry, it is also one of the most challenging merchandising tasks. Retailers face many challenges when choosing pricing strategies to maximize profit, including accurately forecasting financial impact of potential pricing tactics, taking reasonable consideration of core business constraints, and fairly validating the executed pricing decisions. Expanding product offerings add further computational requirements to make in-time pricing decisions, compounding the difficulty of this already overwhelming task. LINK TO SOLUTION HOW-TO GUIDE


Personalized Offers in Online Retail

The Cortana Analytics Personalized Offers for Online Retail Solution Package contains the resources you’ll need to deploy a functional, end-to-end pipeline for generating personalized offers on a retail website. Using this guide, users can understand the technical steps required to develop their own solution. This package utilizes a simulated data generator to imitate an online retail website with customer traffic. LINK TO SOLUTION HOW-TO GUIDE


Retail Customer Churn Prediction

The objective of this guide is to demonstrate predictive data pipelines for retailers to predict customer churn. Retailers can use these predictions to prevent customer churn by using their domain knowledge and proper marketing strategies to address at-risk customers. The guide also shows how customer churn models can be retrained to leverage additional data as it becomes available. LINK TO HOW-TO GUIDE


Call Center Automation

Call centers are essential to businesses of any size. In fact, 61% of consumers prefer to communicate over the phone, and most of them prefer self-service [1]. Given that customer satisfaction is a priority for all businesses, it is clear that self-service is no longer optional. This solution package contains materials to help both technical and business audiences understand our call center solution built on the Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Cognitive Services. LINK TO HOW-TO GUIDE