Amazing how fast search engines have made one of my blog posts the top result for "slow notepad"

It's amazing and funny how fast my post about the slow notepad issue has become the top result when you do a web search for slow notepad :)

MSN Search, Yahoo and Google all show that blog post as the top result (at least as of now). Ironically enough the day I got really frustrated with notepad taking too long open large log files I did search the web and nothing much came up so I went about investigating it, and now that post is the top result. Perhaps this means that no one else has written anything about it on the web. I suppose it's comforting to know that if you post something which is a reasonably accurate solution to some problem and enough people find it useful, it's going to show up in a web search pretty quickly.

Hmm ... I wonder if I should indulge in some narcissistic pleasure by telling people to reach my blog by doing a search for "slow notepad" :) ... But I wonder how long its going to be top result ...