Auto Save in CRM 2013

Auto Save is a new feature in CRM 2013 forms. After the record is created and the record is edited first time, the auto save occurs every 30 seconds.

Auto Save feature is not configurable i.e. its duration cannot be set.

It can be disabled at organization level for all the forms.

Settings –> System Settings –> General Tab (first tab) –> Enable Auto Save on All forms –> 


There is no option of disabling it on any specific form. To do so we can make use of getSaveMode() method in Client SDK.

We can call the following method on the on save event of the form for which we want to prevent the auto save (passing execution context as the first parameter)

The Auto Save features on saves the date that has been changed since the form was last saved.

It won't save the field that is currently being edited.

It displays the changes in the form after auto save but the entire form is not reloaded.

It impacts CRM auditing as well and also triggers any workflows and plugin associated with that event.

Clicking on New, Close or Qualify actions on the Command bar also saves the record.

Closing the form also saves the record.


Shraddha Dhingra.