Adventures on the way BACK from TechEd: The Problem with Falling Doors

The way back was mostly uneventful. Since I did not sleep at all the night before, I was sleepy and dozed through most of the flight time.

On the second flight (Newark to Seattle) I was sitting in the front row in coach, with more legroom than first class, enough room to work comfortably on the laptop (the biggest problem when flying coach), in an isle seat (my favorite seating choice), and with lovely row-mates who would carry a pleasant conversation when you want to talk and keep to themselves when you don’t. The idea was that since I don’t have any luggage to pick up I can get out of the airport within 10 minutes of landing. (Even the TSA did not stop me from taking 3 large pieces of luggage onboard – and it’s not like they didn’t try J) On the downside, my seat was across the mid-plane lavatory, which might actually be convenient if you want to use the lavatory and is also the background of the following story.

One of the passengers, an older, less traveled guy, wanted to use the lavatory. He did not understand that the lavatory was occupied and pushing on the door didn’t help so he tried to pull one of the latches that he saw. That did not work of course, but what he did unhinged the door, so when the poor guy that was inside tried to get out the whole door came out of its place and nearly fell onto him! I got up and helped the poor guy get out by lifting the displaced door, taking it out of the lavatory, and holding it out of the way as he stepped out. I put the door back in its place with some help from a flight attendant and peace (or at least use of the lavatory) was restored.