How to Make Sure Your Windows Mobile Device Stays Connected With Windows 7 RC

Bluetooth SideShow devices that are paired with a Computer running Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC), may become disabled after rebooting the Computer. In particular, this affects the Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview. This is due to an issue with the way the Windows SideShow Universal Driver communicates with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack on Windows 7 RC. Users may see the device disabled in the SideShow Control Panel, and in device manager (the device cannot start - Code 10). This issue is resolved by deleting the existing Bluetooth paring, and re-pairing the device to the Computer.

We greatly appreciate you working around this issue to give feedback on SideShow while testing the Windows 7 RC. We will be addressing this issue with an updated version of the SideShow Universal Driver. The driver will be available on Windows Update with the final release of Windows 7.

Affected Operating Systems and Devices:

  • Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)
    •  Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Beta are not affected by this issue
  • Bluetooth connected SideShow devices
    • Any SideShow device that uses the SideShow Universal Driver and is connected via Bluetooth to a Computer running Windows 7 RC
    • USB connected devices are not affected by this issue
  • Windows SideShow for Windows Mobile Developer Preview is affected by this issue

How to resolve the issue:

  • Delete existing Bluetooth pairing and re-pair the device to the Windows 7 Computer

When will this be fixed?

  • We will have a fixed version of the Universal Driver available on Windows Update when Windows 7 releases

Thank you,

- Darryl