[SCOM] Health Service Private Bytes and Handle Count leak on physical Management Server


If you experience sporadical restarts of the HealthService on physical Management Servers after installing   .NET 4.5.2 you should check how high the counters

Health Service Private Bytes and Handle Count actually get.

Chances are that even if you double the threshold values for these two counter you will still get the issue.

This situation seems to happen only on physical servers where there is also a lot of RAM (>10GB).

It seems that with the  .NET 4.5.2 version the garbage collector algorithm got changed and will not trigger anymore if a process has not consumed enough of the free memory of the machine. Since we usually see a lot of memory on the servers, this threshold will get quite high before the garbage collection occurs on its own.

We are however expecting a further release of the .NET framework which will render the collection to more sensitive thresholds.

But at the time we have some workarounds:

- virtualize your management servers

- keep raising the Thresholds for Health Service Private Bytes and Handle CountThreshold (think very big here)... but since you have a lot of memory anyway this should not be a problem.