[SCOM] Replication Groups Discovery causes event ID 10801

Hello again!

You might be getting this discovery issue with both SCOM 2012(R2)/2016 regardless of UR with the latest Windows Server DFS Replication Management Pack.

(v. 7.1.10100.1)

10801 event:

Discovery data couldn't be inserted to the database. This could have happened because of one of the following reasons:

- Discovery data is stale. The discovery data is generated by an MP recently deleted.
- Database connectivity problems or database running out of space.
- Discovery data received is not valid.

The following details should help to further diagnose:

DiscoveryId: c5f14a94-16dd-e9dd-7e2f-f97820b8bc18
HealthServiceId: GUID
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.DiscoveryDataInvalidClassPropertyValueException,The class property value specified in the discovery data item is not valid. The value needs to adhere to the class.
Class property name: Microsoft.Windows.FileServer.DFSR.ReplicationGroupMember.MemberGUID
Class property value: System
Rule ID: c5f14a94-16dd-e9dd-7e2f-f97820b8bc18
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?><ClassInstance TypeId="{GUID}"><Settings><Setting><Name>GUID</Name><Value>FQDN</Value></Setting><Setting><Name>GUID</Name><Value>GUID</Value></Setting><Setting><Name>GUID</Name><Value>System</Value></Setting></Settings></ClassInstance>.


This happens due to some formatting issues with the DFS group naming, if the name contains spaces this error might occur.

We will release a fix for this in the next MP version, but if you encounter this error, make sure to open a support case if you want to receive a private fix.