Dayforce reduces its development costs by 75% and enables customers to increase labor efficiency by 50% after adopting Silverlight for its workforce management solution

Dayforce built its workforce management solution on Microsoft Silverlight, presenting managers with performance dashboards, approval workflows, employee time cards, and task checklists. By delving deeper into the applications, manager’s can view their company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to construct a labor plan and determine shifts for the week by dragging and dropping shifts on the screen. “Because Silverlight uses client computing resources, we’re able to run a full labor compliance engine in the browser with near-zero latency,” says Dayforce CEO Ossip. “This gives managers immediate feedback so they can plan more strategically and effectively.” Ossip also raves that the solution is widely adopted by employees because it is so simple to use.

Additionally, Dayforce’s development team was able to save huge amounts of time by leveraging their familiarity with the Microsoft .NET Framework programming model and able to use a single code base to create both server and client components. In fact, the development team was able to create code using Silverlight at 25% of the cost as compared to primarily using Java.

Read the full case study to find out how Dayforce was able to save customers up to $2 million a year and spend 50% less time on labor planning activities.