ISV Helps Customers Increase Productivity by 30% with Microsoft Silverlight

In 2000, Brazil based New Age Software launched its ERP application and received disappointing feedback from customers about how the front-end was time consuming to install and the interface was difficult to learn and operate. As a result, New Age Software set out to redesign its ERP application searching for a technology that could support a large application containing more than 7,000 forms, provide a satisfying user experience, including low latency times, and still provide all of the business functionality delivered in a traditional ERP application. Initially, New Age Software chose to rebuild its ERP application using the Adobe Flex software development kit. However, midway through the project, the company decided to abandon Adobe Flex because the Adobe platform’s learning curve was too steep and the team needed to deliver a better solution quickly. Shortly afterwards New Age Solution turned to Microsoft Silverlight because it offers a powerful, straightforward set of tools for creating fully interactive business applications. Additionally, New Age Software took advantage of animation tools in Silverlight to simplify navigation and create a more engaging interface design. “By capitalizing on the powerful runtime performance of Microsoft Silverlight, we can deliver a 7,000-form ERP application completely through the web. This opens up amazing opportunities for our customers” says Rafael Olmos, Technology Manager for New Age Software.

Read the full case study here: ISV Helps Customers Increase Productivity by 30% with Microsoft Silverlight

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